Divorce and Non-disparagement Agreements

If you are divorce or about to be divorce you understand how important but also how difficult it is to control your ex-spouse from disparaging you to third parties. A recent case in Massachusetts dealt with this issue and we have included it below for your reading pleasure. In essence what this case finds is that any prior restraint on the speech of a parent violates constitutional rights of free speech. In order to Read More

Utah Code 30-3-35 Minimum Parent Time in Divorce or Paternity

Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins offers a free consultation. Call or email to schedule today.  Effective 5/12/2020 30-3-35 Minimum schedule for parent-time for children 5 to 18 years old. (1) The parent-time schedule in this section applies to children 5 to 18 years old. (2) If the parties do not agree to a parent-time schedule, the following schedule shall be considered the minimum parent-time to which the Read More

Adjustment of Alimony in Utah Divorce

Alimony can be adjusted in Utah This information below is for informational purposes only. Attorney Brian Arnold offers a free consultation. Please call 801-475-0123 or email Brian at arnold@arnoldwadsworth.com. Alimony Adjustment If there is already a decree of divorce signed by a district court judge that orders alimony it can be adjusted once a substantial change in circumstances has occurred that could affect Read More

Divorce Lawyer Salt Lake City – Brian Arnold

Alimony in Utah Utah is an alimony state, meaning that alimony may be granted for an amount of time for a specific amount to be paid on a monthly basis. Not every state in the United States recognizes alimony as part of the divorce process, but Utah does. There are certain criteria and factors that a judge will consider when granting or denying alimony to a spouse. Some of the factors include; The receiving Read More

Annulment in Utah – Family Lawyers

In Utah you can get an annulment. An annulment is where you end the relationship to someone you were married to, and has the effect as if the marriage never occurred. It is actually used more often than most people would guess. There are certain grounds for which an annulment in Utah can be sought. The law that covers annulment is Utah Code Annotated 30-1-17.1 which states in part: A marriage may be annulled for Read More

Lost your job due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Adjust Child Support in Utah

ADJUST YOUR CHILD SUPPORT | Utah Child Support Lawyer FREE CONSULTATION (801) 475-0123 These are scary and crazy times with the emergence of COVID-19 in our lives. First and foremost I hope you and your family are not suffering or dealing with this virus. This virus has definitely hurt our health, our economy, and affected jobs here in Utah. If you have been fired, laid off, or had a reduction in income you may Read More

Court Closures during COVID-19 | Divorce

With the outbreak of COVID-19 the Utah Courts at this point in time have shut down except for necessary hearings. Unfortunately, as that pertains to family law, divorce, and other civil matters these hearings have been postponed if currently a court date is in place. We have had a lot of clients that have had their hearing dates moved to a later date. This does not mean their cases have been dismissed, it means they Read More

Post Nuptial Agreement in Utah – Divorce

Post Nuptial Agreements in Utah can be interesting, but remember they are binding if they are done right. You should always meet with an attorney when drafting a post nuptial agreement or if you have been presented with one. Here is a small taste of some statements made by the Courts in Utah concerning Post Nuptial Agreement. "In Utah, prenuptial agreements are enforceable as long as there is no fraud, coercion or Read More

Social Security Disability and Depression

Our lawyers understand that when you apply for Social Security Disability when suffering from depression or bipolar disorder can be extremely confusing and stressful. We can help with the process and help prepare your case to be successful. Call today for a free consultation (801) 475-0123 When you have a review of your disabilities whether in a hearing or otherwise the administration is looking for these Read More

Relocation with Children in a Divorce

Should I leave with the Children? By Brian Arnold Esq. & Lauren Schultz Esq. Brian Arnold is a partner at Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins. Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins has offices in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. Brian Arnold has recently co-authored a book on divorce that can be purchased on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble. Brian practices in all areas of domestic law and was a contributing editor Read More