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Bankruptcy Options to Eliminate Debts

Creditors all over the country are employing bill collectors who are often relentless in their approach towards those who have fallen behind on their bills. Receiving these repeated letters and phone calls can add significant stress to your life, especially when you’re already dealing with hard financial times.

If you are deep in debt and no longer able to afford all your payments, it may be time to consider exercising your rights available to you through bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy will initiate an automatic stay which will prohibit creditors from taking nearly any action against you. With only limited exceptions, the automatic stay will temporarily prohibit creditor actions including bill collection contacts, lawsuits or judgments, wage garnishments, or foreclosures. This break will allow you the time to either set up a new payment plan through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or to be relieved of debts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Unfair Bill Collecting Practices

Many creditors have resorted to using unfair collection practices including threatening letters, harassing phone calls, or charging unreasonable collection fees or penalties. Other creditors may even try to violate the automatic stay rights of a person filing for bankruptcy. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits this abusive behavior. You can put a stop to these unscrupulous tactics and may be able to seek damages yourself.

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