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In Utah you can get an annulment. An annulment is where you end the relationship to someone you were married to, and has the effect as if the marriage never occurred. It is actually used more often than most people would guess. There are certain grounds for which an annulment in Utah can be sought. The law that covers annulment is Utah Code Annotated 30-1-17.1 which states in part:

A marriage may be annulled for any of the following reasons:

  1. When the marriage is prohibited or void;

This includes a parent trying to marry a child, marriage between ancestors and descendants, marriage between half siblings as well as whole blooded siblings, marriages between uncles and nieces or nephews, marriage between aunt and nieces or nephews, marriage between first cousins, and marriages related to anyone you are related to within the 5th degree.

  1. Upon grounds existing at common law which include; fraud and/or material misrepresentation.

There are cases in Utah that have discussed annulment and reasons for such. One case is Haacke v. Glenn. That cases involved fraud as a reason for an annulment.

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