Possession of Marijuana

Drug Charges in Utah

If you are facing drug charges specifically possession of Marijuana then you will need an lawyer that understands drug charges and their affect on your life if you are convicted. In Utah it is unlawful and illegal for an individual to knowingly possess marijuana. It is still unlawful and illegal for someone to use marijuana for medical purposes even if they have a prescription. Do not be confused if you have a prescription, it is illegal. Marijuana is a Schedule I drug. This will affect how and what fines you will face if convicted which includes possible time in jail. These kind of charges can also affect your drivers license depending on the facts surrounding your arrest.

Depending on how much marijuana is recovered by the police officers it can be a misdemeanor or felony. The more marijuana that is recovered the more likely it is to be charged as a felony. You need to make sure that the marijuana was measured correctly and tested appropriately. If the charges are at the felony level it is important to have a preliminary hearing to assess whether the proper steps were taken to ensure that you should have been charged with a felony.

Some other affects on your life if convicted of a marijuana possession charge include loss of financial aid, loss of reputation in your community, and possible loss of a hunter’s license.

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