Court Closures during COVID-19 | Divorce

With the outbreak of COVID-19 the Utah Courts at this point in time have shut down except for necessary hearings. Unfortunately, as that pertains to family law, divorce, and other civil matters these hearings have been postponed if currently a court date is in place. We have had a lot of clients that have had their hearing dates moved to a later date. This does not mean their cases have been dismissed, it means they have been postponed. While this can be frustrating it is for the best as it pertains to the spreading of this virus. However, this does not mean your case or potential divorce case cannot be filed and strategically moved forward. Below are some tips on how to get your case going and/or move your current case forward even though the Utah Courts are not having in person hearings in divorce and family law cases.

  1. Discovery – This may be a good time to send out subpoenas and written discovery to the opposing Party. This will allow you to get a better grasp on the case either financially or from a custody stand point. You can send subpoenas to banks, employers, or any other interested people or companies.
  2. Mediation – If your case is currently pending you can still set up and complete mediation. With the Utah Courts closed it is more likely that you can get in quickly to complete a mediation and possibly settle your case.
  3. Depositions – This falls under “discovery” above but is also a useful tool to find out more about your case. You can depose the opposing party, or any other witnesses.
  4. Child Custody Evaluation – If you do not have a child custody evaluation currently pending it might be a good time to get one going. Your attorney and opposing counsel can probably agree on a custody evaluator and get that moving. That way you are making progress on the custody part of your case.

These are things you can do now in your case that can also help you down the line in your case. It is also a good time to look at your case and see what you may be missing. The Utah Courts are still accepting new filings for divorce. Have a meeting with your attorney. Also, don’t forget we offer a free consultation. We can provide that over the phone if needed. Give us a call today (801) 475-0123

This has been written by Attorney Brian E Arnold, and does not create an attorney/client relationship. This in no way is legal advice and is written for information purposes only.

Brian Arnold has been a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City since 2008. He offers free consultations.

Written by Arnold Wadsworth Coggins

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