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I listened to a couple of my friends and took advantage of Brian’s free consultation concerning my divorce situation. He was the first attorney to give me concrete ideas. I hired him and was thankful I did. My case got under control and I was able to get some good results.



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Divorce Madness

Matt was part of the team at Arnold & Wadsworth that helped me with my divorce. It was good to have a “team” of attorneys and not get double billed for it. He also used email and the phone to keep me updated. It was a successful experience.

I did not have the usual bankruptcy since I was coming out of a divorce (which I used Arnold & Wadsworth for) and Matt was very helpful. He explained what made my situation unique and helped me understand the law as it pertained to me. I was able to get the help I needed. The office staff was also very friendly. I would recommend Matt to anyone facing a bankruptcy situation.

I first met with Matt on a Friday (which was on short notice) and I had a court hearing on my custody case on the next Wednesday in Salt Lake City. Matt took the time to listen and look at my case on the court’s website and gave me answers and possible solutions to my court hearing. He gave me advice as if I could represent myself. I hired Matt that day and he helped me at my court hearing and for the rest of my case. If I encounter future problems (which I am sure I will) I will be contacting Matt.

Matt represented me for my divorce case and I was very impressed. His office was efficient and professional, but I felt like Matt knew me and my case on an individual level. He was prompt to handle issues and/or questions that I had. He offered sound advice and helped educate me on the benefits to certain scenarios and helped steer me toward a conclusion I was happy with.


Your relationship with your attorney can be an important factor in your case. Matt sought diligently to understand what was important to me and carefully considered my goals at every key decision point. Matt’s filings are timely and solid. I believe Matt is unique among his peers in these regards. I heartily recommend Matt especially if you have a difficult case.


Matt is a great attorney to work with. He constantly kept me informed of the progress of my case, and responded to my questions quickly. I feel like he has my best interests in mind, which is refreshing. Cases that involve families (like mine) can be highly emotional, and a lot of sensitive information needs to be shared, but I never felt uncomfortable with Matt and helped me maintain a level head when things got crazy. I was also impressed at how thorough he was with his research, which ultimately helped me get what I needed from this divorce.

From the first meeting, Matt was strategically planning options to assist me in my pursuit to enforce birth mother to allow court ordered visitation. He wasn’t malicious in his advice, just gave me the pro’s and con’s of it straight according to the law. Everything he said he would do, was done without nickle and dimeing. In court, Matt came very organized, focused, and professionally presenting the facts.

Matt is very professional and deeply concern in taking care of his client in every aspect and within the legal boundaries of the law. Highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for professional that will produce results.


Matt has helped my family with several issues mostly dealing with custody/visitation. He knows the law! He gives great advice and is very professional. The first time we sat down with Matt he had a plan. I was very impressed with that. He knows exactly what to do and how to go about it to get the results we wanted. I would hands down, no hesitation at all recommend Matt and his staff.


Matt made me feel like I knew everything about my case. I have felt like at the end of the day, my lawyer was more interested in lining their pocket then giving me all the facts and helping me see all the realistic outcomes so I could make the best decision for me and my family. I liked how he told me if what I wanted wasn’t something the courts would do so I wouldn’t waste time and money. I felt comfortable with his council and when you are in a situation where you need a lawyer, comfortable isn’t something you feel a lot.