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One of the biggest concerns for a divorcing couple is how to care for and protect their children through the divorce process and beyond. Although spouses can usually agree that this is their goal, once the issue of child support is presented often the two spouses come into conflict.

In Utah, child support is calculated by the court using statutory guidelines. Although the actual calculation process can be complicated it is meant to provide a fair and equitable solution to the divorcing parties based on the monthly incomes of both parties before taxes.  The court is always governed by the best interests of the child standard.

Gross Monthly Income Is Determinative

In determining child support in a divorce proceeding or otherwise, each person will need to prove the amount of their gross monthly income through verification. Verification comes through pay stubs or employer statements and copies of completed tax returns from the most recent years.

Monthly income does not just include income from your job.  It can include any other source of income including: commissions, royalties, bonuses, rents, gifts, prizes, dividends, pensions, social security benefits, or any other source of income. Each of these must be included in the party’s financial declaration in order to properly calculate who must pay child support and how much that spouse is obligated to pay.

Although child support payments in Utah are determined by a calculator, there can be serious consequences for failure to use the calculator correctly and negative consequences for failing to report all relevant income.

Child Support Calculator

The family law attorneys at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins can help you determine your gross monthly income and calculate how much your monthly child support payment should be. We will represent you in your proceedings to determine child support with the court and protect your financial interests.

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