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These are scary and crazy times with the emergence of COVID-19 in our lives. First and foremost I hope you and your family are not suffering or dealing with this virus. This virus has definitely hurt our health, our economy, and affected jobs here in Utah. If you have been fired, laid off, or had a reduction in income you may be entitled to modify your child support. According to Utah law you can modify your child support obligation in Utah under certain circumstances as outlined below;

  1. Substantial change in circumstances: this includes a loss of job, or a major change in income (usually 20% or more). There are other considerations according to Utah Law concerning child support which is considered a substantial change in circumstances includes the following; (1) Material change in custody of the child(ren), (2) material change in the wealth or assets of a Party, (3) Material change in income 30% of either parent, (4) Material change in ability to earn an income by a parent, (5) Change in the medical needs of a minor child subject to the child support order, (6) Material change in the legal responsibilities of either parent for the support of others.
  2. If it has been three (3) years or more you can have an automatic review, even if there has not been a substantial change in circumstances but child support would adjust by the following; (a) the difference in ordered child support would be 10% or more and the difference in income would not be temporary, and the order adjusting child support does not deviate from the guidelines.

At Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins we have the attorneys available to help you adjust your child support obligation. When it comes to legal fees we can be flexible and set up payment plans and try to work with you through these hard times. We believe in the Utah community and want to help.

This was written by Brian E Arnold, who is a Partner at Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins. Brian has been practicing law in Utah since 2005 in the area of divorce and family law. Brian has appeared in courts from St. George to Logan. He has the experience needed in order to properly advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities. Brian offers a free consultation in order to provide you with a road map on how to accomplish your legal goals. The law is confusing, and Brian will have you navigate it in an aggressive manner in order to protect your rights. Call (801) 475-0123 for a free consultation. 

Written by Arnold Wadsworth Coggins

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