Child Support and Pregnancy Expense Arrears and Statute of Limitations

A mother can seek recovery of past child support arrears four years before commencement of the paternity action by the birth father. The mother can also seek reimbursement for all pregnancy related expenses. Utah Code Annotated 78B-15-109. Limitation on recovery from the obligor. The obligor's liabilities for past support are limited to the period of four years preceding the commencement of an action. Utah Read More

Harper v. Harper – Substantial Change in Circumstances to Modify Custody

This case is provided for learning purposes only. If you need a consult please call the office at 801-475-0123. Brian Arnold offers a free consultation involving family law and divorce cases. THE UTAH COURT OF APPEALS KELLEY HARPER, Appellee, v. DAMON M. HARPER, Appellant. Opinion No. 20190351-CA Filed January 14, 2021 Fourth District Court, Provo Department The Honorable James R. Taylor No. Read More

Grandparent Rights in Utah

Grandparent rights in Utah can be tricky. It involves constitutional rights of parents and best interests of a child(ren). Below we have included the law on the subject so that if you want to do further research you can start there. The family law attorneys at Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins offer a free consultation in order to assess your rights and how to move forward on the case whether you are the grandparent or Read More

New Domestic Automatic Injunction Effective November 1, 2019 URCP 109

The Utah Supreme Court has adopted a new effective date of November 1, 2019 for the following rule. The rule was formerly effective May 1, 2019. The November date will accommodate programming changes necessary to effectuate the rule's purposes. Utah Rules of Civil Procedure URCP109. Injunction in certain domestic relations cases. New. Provides that in certain domestic relations cases, an injunction will enter Read More

When Can the Office of Recovery Services (“ORS”) Collect Alimony?

This issue causes a lot of heartache because ORS does not uniformly implement its regulations.  Implementation often depends on the caseworker, which is very frustrating. Here is the regulatory rule governing the issue. (R527-34-2): Collect and enforce current and past-due spousal support (alimony) on all IV-A and Non-IV-A cases if the following criteria are met: A spousal support order has already been Read More

A Brief Guide to Utah Small Claims Court

If you have been the victim of an unfortunate incident and are seeking monetary damages, you might be surprised to find that the court proceedings can be wrapped up quite quickly. Instead of taking your claim to District Court and working through the mountain of paperwork and lengthy timeframe, Small Claims Court can provide a quicker and more cost-efficient alternative. Winning a case in Utah’s Small Claims Read More

Divorcing Parents: Be Prepared for These Five Questions From Your Kids

When parents get divorced, their children will ALWAYS have numerous questions. Divorce is not a concept that most young children fully comprehend, and they will seek to learn as much as they can about the impending upheaval that is about to occur in their life. As a parent, you must be prepared to answer these questions in order to help your children cope with the changes they are facing. Below we have outlined Read More