Relocation with Children in a Divorce

Should I leave with the Children? By Brian Arnold Esq. & Lauren Schultz Esq. Brian Arnold is a partner at Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins. Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins has offices in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. Brian Arnold has recently co-authored a book on divorce that can be purchased on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble. Brian practices in all areas of domestic law and was a contributing editor Read More

Where To Find The Best Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney

Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney If you are looking for the best Salt Lake City divorce attorney, then you've come to the right place. Specializing in family law, for years we have brought peace and resolution to families all over Utah. Each of our attorneys possess the patience, tenacity, and comfort needed to guide Utah families thru the difficult and often disparaging landscape that comes with divorce or legal Read More

How Do Retirement Accounts Factor into a Divorce Settlement?

When a couple divorces in Utah, state law requires an equitable division of all marital property, which can include retirement accounts. It is important to remember that “equitable” is not necessarily the same thing as equal. The judge’s overall goal is a fair and reasonable split. If, for example, one spouse earns considerably less than the other, the lower-income spouse might be awarded a bigger percentage of Read More

5 Ways Your Spouse May Conceal Assets to Get a Better Settlement

Whether you’re preparing for a potential divorce, or you’re already going through the legal processes, you need to make sure everything is being done correctly and honestly. Unfortunately, some spouses attempt to conceal assets so that they can get a better settlement in the divorce. If assets are successfully hidden, the other spouse may end up having to pay less in spousal or child support or may be able to demand Read More

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Divorce Case Update

Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins is the premier divorce and family law firm in Salt Lake City. Below we keep you up-to-date on recent case law. We take creative and strategic approaches that are customized to your case. Call today for a free consultation. (801) 475-0123 Ouk v. Ouk 2015 UT App 104 Facts: Were divorced in 2009 Husband appeals decisions on distribution of marital property, child support Read More

Understanding the Factors Involved in Utah Alimony Determinations

Depending on which party in a divorce you ask, alimony may be viewed in numerous different ways—some positive and some negative. Known in Utah as “spousal support,” alimony is a common method used to ensure regular payment from one spouse to another spouse to ensure their financial wellbeing both during and after a divorce. Due to the fact that it requires one spouse to continue paying the other spouse after they are Read More

Utah Divorce: Understanding the Division of Property

Whenever going through a divorce in Utah, the ideal solution for splitting up assets is to work together to come up with a way to divide everything up that works for both parties. This may be able to be done using a mediator or other resource. If you can’t come to an agreement, however, the courts will step in and work with you to decide how the division of property will be executed. Utah is an ‘equitable Read More

Pros and Cons of Involving a Lawyer in Your Divorce

Divorce is often a stressful and unhappy experience for both the partners and other members of the family. If not handled properly, financial, legal and emotional consequences of the process can impact the rest of your life. You and your partner should, therefore, take time to understand and interpret the laws correctly and consider all the aspects while making these important decisions. This is especially true when Read More

10 Mistakes made in Divorces

There are ten (10) mistakes that are commonly made when going through a divorce in Utah. These mistakes made in a divorce can be mitigated or avoided. As all divorce lawyers know, we are biased, we think you always need a divorce attorney. The simple reason for this is because there is a lot at stake in your divorce. The divorce lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins offer a free consultation and we will go over Read More

“Holding Harmless” on Marital Debts

It is not necessary for you to prove actual damages for your spouse to be held in contempt or for damages. If you have a divorce decree you likely have language requiring one spouse to hold harmless the other from a debt obligation. This often comes up when fighting over the house. Whichever, spouse gets the house will likely be held responsible for the mortgage and be required to refinance the house within a period Read More