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Although divorcing spouses have agreed to separate, every parent wishes to protect their child from the negative effects the divorce of their parents can have. However, often each spouse has a different idea of how to best protect the children, thereby making the issue both difficult and emotionally charged.

The attorneys at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins can help you ensure that your children and you are protected and that a custody arrangement is sought that is in the best interest of your children and gives you adequate parental control and involvement with your children.

Custody Orders

Each child custody order consists of two parts, legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody affects the manner in which parents can make decisions for the child and physical custody affects the living arrangements of the child, that is, which parent they live with and when.

The decision made by the court over child custody affects many other areas of the divorce such as child support, spousal support and the equitable distribution of property. Thus, this is always an important issue in any divorce and should not be taken lightly.

Types of Custody

There are four main types of custody each with their own specific rules, guidelines and limits.

The first type is sole legal and sole physical custody awarded to one parent. Such an arrangement gives that parent the only power to make decisions for the child and although the other parent has parent time and visitation rights the bulk of time the child stays with the custodial parent.

Secondly, the court could decide upon joint legal and joint physical custody. In this case, parents are both responsible for the decision making for the child and the child will split time living with both parents.

Third, there is joint legal and sole physical custody, in which case the parents both have decision making power, but one parent provides the living space for the child.

Finally, there is split custody.  In such an arrangement the parents assume sole legal and sole physical custody of different children.

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Discussing the effects of each type of custody with an experienced family law attorney like those at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins is very important in child custody cases. Call today for a free consultation with one of our attorneys at (801) 475-0123.

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