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Alimony in Utah

Utah is an alimony state, meaning that alimony may be granted for an amount of time for a specific amount to be paid on a monthly basis. Not every state in the United States recognizes alimony as part of the divorce process, but Utah does. There are certain criteria and factors that a judge will consider when granting or denying alimony to a spouse. Some of the factors include;

  1. The receiving spouse’s financial needs on a monthly basis.
  2. Standard of living during the marriage.
  3. The other spouse’s ability to provide for the financial needs of the spouse asking for alimony.
  4. The cost of child support.
  5. Assets of the individuals.

Whether seeking or defending against alimony it is important to have an experienced attorney that has presented these cases to the courts and understands how judges react to them. The details are important when it comes to alimony. The case law and legislature in Utah are constantly changing the laws when it comes to alimony and how it affects a divorce action. Make sure you have access and copies of your financials including tax returns, bank statements, and credit card statements. If there is cash in the house make sure you know how much there is. Documentation is key when seeking alimony and defending against alimony.

This information has been written by attorney Brian Arnold who specializes in litigating divorce cases for his clients. This information does not create an attorney/client relationship. Brian offers a free consultation in order to hopefully give you advice and a road map in your case. If you are seeking alimony or possibly defending against an alimony claim contact divorce lawyer Brian Arnold for your free consultation at (801) 475-0123 or email him at arnold@arnoldwadsworth.com