Deven J. Coggins


For over two decades I have represented numerous clients in Divorce and Custody matters, criminal allegations, and injury claims.

Divorce and Custody cases are some of the most difficult and important matters that an attorney can handle, as the outcome will affect you and your family’s lives for years to come. As such, I take my responsibility as your counsel seriously. I realize that every case is different and have the experience necessary to recognize that some cases require a compassionate resolution where others require a fight and the gloves must come off. It is important that you hire an attorney that has the experience to recognize this difference, not only to save you money but to protect your piece of mind, your financial future and most importantly, the emotional well being of your children.

As a Criminal Defense Lawyer, I know how this is also one of the worst times of your life. I can assure you that the doomsday scenarios that you have in your head are unlikely to occur. As Mark Twain said, “I have experienced many things in my life and some of them actually happened.” Said another way, stop talking to your friends and get out of your head. I know how to help you. I began my career doing criminal defense and have never stopped. This includes all crimes, especially the technical and scientific nature of DUI. Many claim to be “experts” in this area. I will just tell you that I have received extensive training above and beyond most attorneys that make this claim and urge you to call me before retaining anyone else. Also, never forget, the first 10 days are crucial to your case so do not hesitate to call.

Finally, I have spent my years as an attorney helping injured people get the restitution and payment for what they have gone through. If this is you, know that I have a streamlined method of handling your case and will not waste your time and will earn every penny that I receive. Of course, I will receive nothing in these types of cases unless we obtain a settlement or win at trial. We are in it together and I will fight for what you deserve.

Regardless of your legal needs, put this fighter in your corner!