A Step-by-Step Guide to the Utah Adoption Process

Divorce and remarriage has created close and loving blended families all over the country. It has also resulted in more and more stepparents wanting to adopt their spouse’s children, strengthening the bond and making the family feel more complete. There are also practical reasons for such a move: adoption allows the stepparent to make important legal and medical decisions for the child, and the child can receive Read More

Abuse It and Lose It: 5 Ways You Can Lose Your Driver’s License in Utah

For many of us, having a driver’s license is essential for getting to work, shopping for necessities, and travel in general. A suspension interferes with your freedom to get where you need to go, when you need to be there. In Utah, certain offenses will cause you to lose your license and spend a lot of time and money trying to get it back. Without legal assistance, you may not be able to get it back at all before Read More

Utah Bankruptcy: Understanding Adversary Proceeding

Although adversary proceedings are a potential part of any bankruptcy case, they are entirely separate processes. Simply put, an adversary proceeding is a lawsuit that arises when a complaint is filed during your bankruptcy case. Such an action can be initiated by the debtor, the trustee, and / or one of the creditors. Debtor Filings When a debtor files, it is usually because they believe that a creditor took Read More

5 Key Criteria for Determining Gross Monthly Income for Child Support

Parents have a joint responsibility to provide financially for their children, regardless of whether they are together, separated, or divorced. When a marriage ends, the court will order child support to provide for the children’s needs and protect them from any major change in lifestyle due to the divorce. When determining how much child support a parent will have to pay, Utah courts take a number of factors into Read More

Loan Modification Risks: Understanding Utah’s “Statute of Frauds”

Loan modifications are changes made to an existing loan’s terms beyond the specifications of the original agreement. With mortgages, loan modifications are often used to help homeowners catch up on their obligations and avoid foreclosure. Examples include: Reducing the interest rate Reduce the amount of the principal Extend the terms of the loan Apply a cap to monthly payments Homesaver Read More

Fighting Foreclosure: 5 Possible Approaches to Help Prevent the Loss of Your Home

When you first bought your home, the thought of losing it to foreclosure was likely the last thing on your mind. With the exception of those who intentionally commit mortgage fraud, homeowners facing the imminent loss of their home have been brought to that point by extenuating circumstances such as: Job loss Sudden illness of disability Divorce High debt obligations Fortunately, there are several Read More

Debunking the Most Common Myths About “Beating the Breathalyzer”

There are more urban myths surrounding the breathalyzer than any other law enforcement tool. Perhaps your best friend swears she was able to trick the machine by sucking on a penny, or you overheard your coworker boasting how breath spray saved him from a DUI charge. Does it sound too good, too easy, to be true? That’s because it is. Here are some of the more common myths about the breathalyzer, and why they are Read More

Post-Divorce Parenting: 4 Things to Consider When Developing a Parenting Plan

Whether you and your spouse are preparing to divorce or midway through the process, you both need to think about and come to an agreement on arrangements about your children. Cooperation between parents not only makes mutual decision-making easier, it also creates a healthier environment for the children and can lead to an increasingly collaborative relationship between the parents over time. Creating an effective Read More

Where To Find The Best Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney

Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney If you are looking for the best Salt Lake City divorce attorney, then you've come to the right place. Specializing in family law, for years we have brought peace and resolution to families all over Utah. Each of our attorneys possess the patience, tenacity, and comfort needed to guide Utah families thru the difficult and often disparaging landscape that comes with divorce or legal Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce in Utah

If you're considering divorce, you're probably aware of the financial and emotional investment it represents. You're the only one who can know what's best for your own future. What you might not know is that in the state of Utah, the type of divorce you pursue can affect the level of time, money, and stress that you expend in the process. Take a look at the main differences between contested and uncontested divorce Read More