Steps to file a Divorce in Utah

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins has divorce lawyers in its Salt Lake City Utah office that are here to navigate and protect you through the divorce process in Utah. The divorce courts in Salt Lake City can be confusing and intimidating but the divorce attorneys at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins will make sure that your rights are protected and argued. Divorce in Utah will control the rest of your life as it pertains to your schedule, money, and children. You must make sure that you get the best possible outcome in your divorce. You will need to be educated on the divorce process and law in Salt Lake City and what the possible outcomes could be in order for you to make the correct decisions while you proceed through the divorce process.

Divorce Steps in Utah

There are several steps in Utah concerning your divorce. The first step is to file a Complaint for Divorce. This will be filed with the courts in Salt Lake County if that is where your residence is. The next step would be for the other person to file an Answer to the Divorce Complaint. The Answer to the Divorce Complaint will also need to be filed in the court where the Divorce Complaint was filed. The next step is a motion for temporary orders. You will then have a hearing at the Salt Lake City Divorce Courts where custody, and money issues will be decided on a temporary basis. After temporary orders you will attend mediation concerning your divorce. This is a great opportunity in your Salt Lake City Divorce to find out the arguments of the other side. If mediation is not successful then Trial would be the next step in your divorce. Most cases settle at mediation but the divorce lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins are prepared to go to Trial if necessary and have been successful at the trial stage in the divorce courts in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Written by Arnold Wadsworth Coggins

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