Parenting Plan Requirement in Utah Divorce

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Parenting Plan

When filing a Utah Divorce, you want to make sure you file a parenting plan. A parenting plan outlines very important considerations when it comes to custody and the children. The parenting plan will outline certain aspects such as pick up and drop off of the children for parent time. An example of pick up and drop off can be that whatever parent is starting parent time will pick up the children from the other parents home. The parenting plan will also outline the rights the children have in a divorce. One important consideration for the children is that they are not put in the middle of any disagreement between their parents. One thing that some parents do is put the children in the middle of an argument by having the children deliver messages back and forth. When crafting your parenting plan you want to ensure that this is included so that if the other parent violates the parenting plan you will have a mechanism for the court to uphold the parenting plan.

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For the law concerning a Parenting Plan, click, § 30-3-108 Parenting plan–Filing–Modifications

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Written by Arnold Wadsworth Coggins

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