Good Divorce? Child Custody can be a difficult topic

Is there such a thing as a good divorce. The NY Times had an interesting article discussing divorce and whether it can be done in a good way. The article also discusses child custody and a little bit out the evolution of joint custody in the court system. Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys is a law firm with attorneys that practice in the area of divorce, child custody and general family law. Below is a link and excerpt to the article. Thanks for reading our blog and remember that we offer a free initial consultation. Call us today.


The Good Divorce


“I NEVER wanted to get divorced. My parents’ split had been like an antipersonnel bomb, ripping everyone to pieces. So for 16 years, I stayed married.

But the relationship curdled over time, and, ultimately, it rotted into nothing. The contrast of these two endings always reminds me of that pithy old Robert Frost poem “Fire and Ice,” in which passion leads to detonation and dispassion to gelidity. In both cases, it’s over and terrible.

Frankly, hearing the word-sandwich of “good” and “divorce” — which I do with some frequency — makes me queasy. Bluntly, there is precious little upside to divorce. It is a horror, its effects on everyone are real and enduring, and in a parenting culture that sees skinned knees as spiritual gifts, it can seem as if we’re giving our children the big door prize of relentless psycho-economic distress. It is hard to feel as if one is a good, divorced parent. But one can try.”

Written by Arnold Wadsworth Coggins

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