Child Support Accountability in Utah

If you pay child support in Utah have you ever wondered where it goes or how it is spent? Most divorce lawyers in Utah will tell you that you will never find out how the money is spent. If you pay child support in Utah there is a way to find out how the money is spent and it is actually codified as law. Utah Child Support Lawyer 78B-12-218. Accountability of support provided to benefit child -- Accounting. (1) The Read More

Mothers Rights and Child Custody in your Divorce in Utah

If you are facing a child custody legal battle in your divorce (in Utah) you need a divorce lawyer that understands how to establish what is in the best interest of the child (or children) and what parenting plan would work best for your situation. The Court is going to evaluate the parents and decide what is in the best interest of the child or children and which parent bests decided what is in their best Read More

Divorce & Family Law Lawyers in North Salt Lake City, UT

Divorce is ugly. Divorce is hard. Divorce in Utah is not something to take lightly. At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys, our divorce lawyers understand that complexities and hardships that come along with a legal battle involving divorce and children. Child Custody in a divorce action can be full of back biting and made up lies. It is important and necessary to understand the law when it comes to Read More

Child Custody and Abuse Lawyers in Utah

At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys, we understand that divorce is stressful and can sometimes become an all out legal war. One of the reasons that divorce can become a legal war is because of child custody. Child custody in a divorce is the one subject that both parents are usually very passionate about. This passion is because both parents love their children and want as much time as possible with the Read More

Divorce Modification considerations in Child Custody

Child Custody in Divorce Modification The fifth factor under Rule 4-903 in a child custody evaluation is the “moral character and emotional stability” of the Parties. Moral character is important when it pertains to child custody and the parenting that one parent may exhibit before and going through a divorce. A divorce and separation really can bring out the best or the worse in somebody and their parenting skills. Read More

Child Custody: Best Interest of a child

CHILD CUSTODY IN UTAH In a relocation case, the standard to be met by the moving Party (if the Person is trying to move more than 150 miles away) is the best interest of the child. In Utah the “best interest of a child” is usually met under the standards of a child custody evaluation. Under a child custody evaluation there are several factors that are considered in order to make a recommendation as to child’s best Read More

Divorce Modification and Alimony in Utah

Alimony Modification Is it possible to get a modification in your divorce of the amount of Alimony? Yes, it is possible and must be done through a petition to modify your divorce decree. There are a lot of reasons to try to modify your divorce decree as it applies to alimony. Some common reasons include; changed financial conditions, cohabitation, remarriage, and changed financial conditions of your ex-spouse that Read More

Contempt of Court in a Divorce Action

When can a person be held in contempt in a divorce action. Whenever an individual willfully disobeys a court order there is a possibility they will be held in contempt. The court defines contempt in a divorce action in Utah as follows: "Contempt of court includes “disobedience of any lawful judgment, order or process of the court.” See Utah Code Ann. § 78B‐6‐301(5) (2008). “‘As a general rule, in order to prove Read More

Divorce Modification: Substantial Change in Circumstances

Post Divorce Legal Issues After a divorce is final it seems that both Parties no matter how closely they try to keep their lives the same end up having changes in their lives that can merit changes in their divorce decree. Under divorce law in Utah there needs to be a substantial change in circumstances in order to be able to petition the divorce court for a modification concerning your divorce decree. Usually the Read More

How to Pick a Divorce Lawyer in Utah

In this blog post, we list some items that have been mentioned by past clients that helped them pick us as their divorce law firm: Communication While our law is very busy representing clients we have had a lot of our divorce clients state that they appreciate our communication concerning their divorce case. Our family law clients get the email addresses of at least two divorce attorneys at our firm. This enables our Read More