Checklist: Women filing for divorce in Utah

While the holidays don’t seem like the best time to begin thinking about divorce, January is the month that typically sees the highest volume of divorce filings. And, if you’re considering seeking a divorce in January or at any time next year, it’s never too early to start planning. In anticipation of a divorce, a recent article in Forbes magazine offered an end-of-the-year checklist for women who are considering Read More

How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer in Utah

When looking for a Divorce Lawyer, what should you look for? Experience - You will need to ask your attorney about his/her experience in order to get a good feel and understanding for practice. A good question to ask is "how much of your law practice is divorce cases" or "what percentage of your cases are divorce cases". These questions will help you find out how much experience they have. Free Consultation for a Read More

Divorce and Retirement in Utah

Whether you and your spouse are headed for a divorce or are currently in the process of securing one, you likely have innumerable concerns regarding asset protection. One of these concerns probably has to do with the ability of your former spouse to withdraw money from the 401(k)s that were otherwise meant to fund your retirement. First and foremost, it is important to note that your former spouse cannot withdraw Read More

Family Law in Utah

Family Law in Salt Lake City What sets Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins apart from other Family Law attorneys? For one thing when you hire Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins for your family law legal issue in Utah, you are hiring a law firm and not a single attorney. More than one attorney will look at your case and give ideas and thoughts about handling it. When you go to trial on your family law issue you get more than Read More

Child Support Calculator in Utah

We receive a lot of phone calls asking about child support. As Attorneys that work with child support and child custody we understand the confusion of child support calculators. There are different types of child support calculators in Utah; Joint Custody child support calculator Sole Custody child support calculator Split Custody child support calculator All of these calculators take into account income, parent Read More

Divorce Attorneys in Utah

Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah What are you looking for when looking for a divorce attorney in Utah? Usually people are looking for an attorney that is willing to fight for what they believe to be right. Whether that is a child custody issue, or a divorce, they want an attorney that is on their side. At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys, we will take the time to listen to what you want. At our Read More

Family Law Court in Utah

Family Law Court - Lawyers in Utah If you are having a divorce or family law issue it is very likely that at some point in time you will enter a court room and will have to convince a judge or commissioner that you are right. Going to family law court can be stressful and unsettling. The lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys are in Court every day. We have the experience you need to deal with your Read More

Child Custody in Utah: Best Interest of Child

Utah Child Custody Attorneys What is one factor that the Courts will look at when deciding custody of a child or children? "Best Interest of the Child" What does best interest of the child mean? "Controlling factor in custody proceedings is the best interest and welfare of the child." Tuttle v. Henderson (Utah 1981). "Court must, in a custody dispute, give highest priority to welfare of children over desires of Read More

Grounds for Annulment in Utah

Grounds for Annulment of Marriage There are a few Utah Statutes that control Annulments in Utah. Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys is a family law firm that has attorneys that can help you with your annulment and will be able to sit down and provide you with information in helping you with your annulment in Utah. The first statute in Utah is UCA 30-1-17 "When there is doubt as to the validity of a marriage, Read More

Utah Divorce: Recording Phone Calls

Can I record phone calls or statements made by my spouse without their knowledge? YES   Utah Code § 77-23a-4 (Offenses — Criminal and civil — Lawful interception), Subsection (7) (b): “A person not acting under color of law may intercept a wire, electronic, or oral communication if that person is a party to the communication... unless the communication is intercepted for the purpose of committing any criminal Read More