Jodi Arias’ jury hung during sentencing determination

The criminal defense lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Cogginscan protect your constitutional rights if you are facing criminal charges in Utah. The Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins offer a free consultation in order to earn your business. The lawyers will make sure they work as a team to be aggressive and creative in order to get a good result in your case. Jodi Arias’ Read More

Salt Lake City, Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal defense lawyers in the Salt Lake City office of Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins will aggressively represent you and your constitutional rights throughout the court process. The attorneys at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins continually are researching the latest criminal defense decisions and attending criminal defense CLE classes in order to properly represent our clients. The criminal defense lawyers at Read More

Criminal Defense Attorney Salt Lake City | Robbery Charges

The criminal defense lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins offer a free consultation to people facing Robbery Charges, or any other criminal charges in the State of Utah. With offices in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah, the Robbery Defense attorneys at our firm can give you an honest professional opinion and direction about your case. Below is an explanation of a recent Utah Court of Appeals case that involved a Read More

SLC Criminal Defense Lawyer | State v. Ali

At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins, our criminal defense lawyers offer a free consultation concerning all criminal cases whether in Salt Lake City or any other area in Utah. The criminal defense lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins have the experience you need in order to be successful and protect your rights. Your rights and life are too important for you to not have a criminal defense lawyer represent you. Read More

Salt Lake City, UT Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins has the criminal defense lawyers needed to help you win your drug related case. As you approach these serious charges, you need to make sure you partner with a criminal defense firm that will protect your constitutional rights. We have a team of criminal defense lawyers that can aggressively help you with your case. Our team of criminal defense lawyers will take the time necessary to Read More

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

If you or someone you know has been accused, charged, or arrested for an alleged crime and are in need of honest, practical legal advice from skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyers, call our Salt Lake City, Utah office today to discuss your options and possible defenses. Your initial consultation is always free. All of the criminal defense lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins have developed aggressive Read More

DUI Criminal Lawyer in Utah

After you have been pulled over it is most likely that the police officer is going to give you a breathalyzer test. You are probably wondering if the police officer in Utah has to have any certifications in order to administer the breathalyzer test to you. The answer is yes, the police officer in Utah has to be certified in order to administer a DUI breathalyzer test to an individual. DUI Defense Lawyers | Arnold, Read More

Felony Drug Charges in Utah

Felony Defense Lawyers If you have been charged with felony drug charges in Utah you need a criminal defense lawyer that can be aggressive and thorough in the legal representation. There are different categories of drugs in Utah. Depending on the drug and drug charges the felony criminal charge can be at different levels. A very important factor in legal representation in a felony drug charge is the performance of Read More

DUI in Utah: Actual Physical Control of a Car

DUI Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah If you have been charged with a DUI then one element that must be proven in Utah is that you had "actual physical control" of a vehicle. This fact can be fact intensive when it comes to a DUI in Utah. There is a case in Utah (Richfield City v. Walker) when it comes to DUI prosecution that seems to be explain the factors the court will look at when determining if the person is in Read More

DUI lawyers in Draper, Utah

DUI Defense Lawyers Being arrested for DUI is probably the most severe brush with the police that many people in Utah will ever have. It is very easy to underestimate the amount of alcohol you have consumed,  especially if you do not have a portable breathalyzer with you. While you may believe that you are under the legal limit, police officers are trained to spot signs of inebriation in the way you drive and while Read More