What is a collaborative divorce attorney?

What is a collaborative divorce attorney?

“Collaborative divorces” may have different definitions.  Perhaps, the most accurate definition is that a collaborative divorce attorney is an attorney who represents both parties and neither party.  In other words, it contemplates working out a stipulation between the parties through the same source for legal questions.  Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins provides these services. 

A collaborative divorce attorney is both parties’ source for legal questions and advice. In a collaborative divorce, one divorce attorney represents both parties – and neither party – at the same time. This is possible because the attorney’s interest is to help facilitate the divorce, but the decision making power still ultimately rests in the clients’ hands.

Because of this unique trait, collaborative divorces usually involve several negotiation sessions between both parties to reach an amicable agreement. During these meetings, parties can discuss options for child custody and division of assets with the help of a trained, experienced divorce attorney who has both parties’ interests in mind. A collaborative divorce attorney can offer several scenarios that will be fair for both parties, then the parties can determine the best course of action for themselves.

There are a couple of distinctive advantages of collaborative divorce.

First, the divorcing couple is able to avoid the trauma and stress of litigation, which is preferable if children are involved. There are no court appearances, no papers served, and no degradation of character during a collaborative divorce. Negotiations are held at the attorney’s office in a relaxed atmosphere.

Second, a collaborative divorce saves a lot of money because parties share legal costs rather than both individuals having separate legal fees. Fees are literally cut in half, not to mention that both parties typically come out better in the splitting of assets when a single attorney is working for both.

Collaborative divorce is an early intervention tactic that relieves tension between parties because they are able to finalize their divorce on their own terms rather than accepting an arbitrary ruling from a judge who has limited knowledge and understanding of the circumstances.

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins provides comprehensive services for any type of divorce, including collaborative divorce proceedings.