Do divorce attorneys provide payment plans?

Do divorce attorneys provide payment plans?

Some attorneys may provide payment plans. Usually, Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins requires a good faith retainer deposit, and usually payments are made on any other expenses incurred after the initial retainer is exhausted. 

In the midst of getting a divorce, the added financial burden of attorney’s fees can seem overwhelming. You may not feel like you can even afford the services and be tempted to represent yourself during your divorce, a decision that is not recommended if your spouse is planning to hire an attorney.

Experienced attorneys know that financial worries are stressful enough when you’re splitting your marital assets, so the vast majority of them do offer payment plans for your convenience. Every divorce attorney is different, but this is a question that will definitely come up in your first conversation with your attorney.

At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins, we usually require a good faith retainer deposit up front, then payments will be scheduled based on any other expenses that are incurred after the retainer is exhausted. We can usually estimate the fees fairly accurately, but we can’t be exact until the work is actually complete.

With practically any divorce lawyer, your initial retainer will be based on the amount of work he or she believes will be involved in the pre-trial period, as well as the experience of your attorney, and several other factors. The amount you are asked to pay upfront shows your attorney that you are invested in pursuing the divorce, and it pays for any upfront expenses.

Beyond that, you will be charged hourly fees that are assessed based on the time worked on your case, whether it’s making phone calls, filing documents, or doing research.

You and your attorney can work out practically any payment plan that fits your budget in order to cover these costs.

If you are concerned about the cost of legal fees during your divorce, consider using a single attorney as a mediator between you and your spouse so that you can share the attorney’s fees.