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Few things can be more trying for an individual or family than facing financial distress and inability to afford your basic needs.  Job loss, medical bills, or other family emergencies often create financial strains that are difficult or impossible to keep up with.  Once debts begin to stack up, the issue often compounds itself.  In these situations it is common for people to begin to see deficiency judgments taken against them by their creditors.  If you are involved in a lawsuit brought by your creditors, the counsel of an experienced attorney can be vital.

If you have been garnished or ordered to appear at a supplemental hearing, you have no time to waste and your wages will soon be garnished or the creditor will soon be seizing your property through a constable.  Or, you are about to be served by a constable informing you that the creditor will soon be appearing at your house to sell your non-exempt property.

If you come upon hard financial times and are no longer able to keep up with your debt payments, it may be time to consider the debt relief and fresh start available to you through bankruptcy filings.  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection offers the benefits of the automatic stay that can put a stop to creditors and provide you with a clean slate.  You have the right to this opportunity, and we can help.

Stop Judgments and Lawsuits

The automatic stay will prevent creditors from making any further collection attempts from you while you go through the bankruptcy process.  Creditors take the automatic stay very seriously and you will see relief.  Furthermore, bankruptcy will provide you a way out from under the debt while allowing you to keep your personal assets.  Bankruptcy will also allow you to be freed from most creditor lawsuits and judgments.

The bankruptcy attorneys at Arnold & Wadsworth help clients understand the legal options available to them to find relief from debt.  Often, exercising your rights to file for bankruptcy will be just the break that you need, and we will help you get there.

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