The lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins believe in representing clients aggressively and with intelligence. The attorneys will assess a case and be honest to the client about the potential risks and rewards. Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins believes in getting the best results for clients and will educate the client in order to make sure that the client is part of all decisions made in their case. The lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins are diversified in order to bring different perspectives to the practice of law. The law firm of Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys believes in offering a free consultation in order to earn your business. We will provide you with advice and how we would handle the case. Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys has offices in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Lehi, Brigham City, and Logan, Utah. This enables our clients to meet with their lawyer in a convenient location in order to properly and effectively represent them.

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys was started by Brian Arnold and Matt Wadsworth, who both came from different law firms where they gained valuable experience. Brian and Matt believed that the practice of law could be refined in a manner to better provide clients with intelligent representation. Since its humble beginnings, the law firm has grown to add very competent and aggressive attorneys that believe in protecting and advocating for clients.

Meet the lawyers at our firm:

Brian E. Arnold, Partner/Attorney
Matt Wadsworth, Partner/Attorney
Deven J. Coggins, Partner/Attorney
Lauren Brown-Washburn, Associate
Mark Arnold, Of Counsel

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys is supported by a full time staff dedicated to serving its clients and their legal needs.

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Areas of Law that we can help you with:

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