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When you receive a DUI ticket or you are arrested on suspicion of Drunk Driving you will have the opportunity to keep your drivers license by having an administrative hearing with the Drivers License Division in the state of Utah. The hearing is informal and will usually be you, your DUI Lawyer, and the hearing officer who is an employee of the Drivers License Division (DLD). At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys, we think there is a common conflict of interest in having an employee of the DLD decide if you keep to your license. At the hearing the police officer usually appears by telephone to testify about what made him/her give you a DUI ticket and charge. Your DUI Attorney will be able to ask the police officer questions. The reason why this is important is because you are preparing the case for trial. Your lawyer will be able to set the scene for the officer to contradict themselves. The more facts that come out in the hearing the better for you. Before this hearing you will want to make sure you go through the police reports and any other discovery material before the hearing so you can be prepared to know whether the police officer changes their story or not.

At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys, we believe in coming to your DUI hearing and not just appearing by telephone. We will be prepared and have the police reports. We will have a list of questions that we will ask the officer. Give us a call today for a free consultation at (801) 475-0123.

DUI Lawyer in Salt Lake City | Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys

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