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One of the most important issues in a Utah divorce which involves children is securing parental rights to be with and visit with the children. These rights are sometimes referred to as visitation rights and are different from the rights of custody.

The experienced attorneys at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins have worked with parents just like you to ensure that they can visit and spend time with their children.

Deciding On a Parent Time Schedule

You should seek out the competent legal help from our family law attorneys to best determine the parent time schedule you should demand from the custodial parent. There are many guidelines and statutory provisions which effect how the court decides these cases. The following are examples of factors you should take into account when negotiating for a parent time schedule that fits your demands:

  • The court prefers that both parents agree to a schedule rather than being forced to impose a schedule on them in divorce proceedings.
  • The most important factor in a parent time schedule is protecting the continuity and stability of the child’s life.
  • Special consideration must be given by each parent to make the children available to attend family functions which may inadvertently conflict with the parent time schedule.
  • The responsibility to pick up, deliver and return the children shall be determined by the court when the parent time order is entered.
  • Regular school hours can not be interrupted for a school-aged child.
  • Parent time can not be withheld due to either parent’s failure to comply with any part of the court ordered divorce settlement.
  • Each parent is entitled to an equal division of major religious holidays celebrated by each parent and if a parent celebrates a religious holiday the other parent does not they have the right to be together with the child.
  • Parental care is presumed to be better for the child than other forms of child care and the court will encourage parents to cooperate and allow a noncustodial parent to provide child care if willing.
  • Many more factors you can discuss with a qualified attorney

Don’t Let Your Rights Go Unprotected

If you is going through a divorce call the Utah Parent Time Attorney at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins today for more information how to best protect your parental rights to see your children. Our experienced attorneys will ensure that you can get the parent time you deserve and be able to continue to raise your children.