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Scroll down to view videos from seminars conducted by Matt Wadsworth and Brian Arnold for pro se litigants in the areas of bankruptcy, family law and criminal law.

Bankruptcy Videos

Matt Wadsworth – Ogden Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Lawyer – Brief bio

Common Bankruptcy Problems; Reasons People File etc.

Initial Consultation Questions

Atty. Matt Wadsworth Discusses Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Reasons to use a Chapter 13

Family Law and Divorce Videos

Brian Arnold Ogden Salt Lake City Divorce and Family Law Lawyer Brief Biography

Divorce Lawyer Brian Arnold Discusses the Advantage, if any, of Filing for Divorce First

Ogden and Salt Lake City divorce lawyer Brian Arnold discusses the next step after filing for divorce

Brian Arnold discusses what happens after temporary orders occur, including mediation and the possibility of discovery or trial

Brian Arnold discusses what happens if negotiations break down and proceeding to trial on divorce issues in Utah

Criminal Law and DUI Videos

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins lawyers serve the areas of Ogden and Salt Lake City in the legal areas of family law and divorce, bankruptcy, criminal law and general litigation.

Salt Lake City Lawyers and Ogden Lawyers providing divorce, DUI, criminal law, felony, chapter 7, chapter 13, bankruptcy services.