Divorce and Family Law in Salt Lake City

At Arnold & Wadsworth we have divorce lawyers centrally located in Salt Lake City that can help you with your family law and divorce needs. Divorce can become a legal battle. When dealing with a divorce action in the Salt Lake City courts you want to make sure that your family law lawyer has experience in the courts and knows how to move your divorce action successfully along.

With a divorce in Salt Lake City you may also face the potential of a child custody evaluation. You may also have a Guardian ad Litem assigned to your case. Having these people and functions in court can be an asset and sometimes they can become a liability. There is a lot that goes into a child custody evaluation and the guardian ad litem’s work. A good divorce lawyer will be able to understand and assess these evaluations. You want a divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City that understands how these evaluations work and what the evaluator and guardian ad litem look for in your divorce as it pertains to child custody.

At Arnold & Wadsworth we take your divorce and family law action seriously. We understand that a divorce is stressful and a lot is at stake. When children are involved in your divorce we also understand the court system in Salt Lake City and what people will be involved. We will educate you on your case and the next steps in order for you make better choices. Call us today, we offer a free consultation for divorce actions.


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