Criminal Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

If you or someone you know has been accused, charged, or arrested for an alleged crime and are in need of honest, practical legal advice from skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyers, call our Salt Lake City, Utah office today to discuss your options and possible defenses. Your initial consultation is always free. All of the criminal defense lawyers at Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins have developed aggressive negotiation and courtroom skills that ensure the best possible outcome for all of our clients. Our criminal defense lawyers are prepared to go to trial when necessary in order to seek a “Not Guilty” verdict.

At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys, we understand that going through the legal process when charged with a criminal offense is both stressful and confusing. At Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins, our lawyers have developed the ability to analyze and evaluate cases, prepare strong defenses and obtain favorable outcomes in Salt Lake City when it comes to criminal defense. Do not settle for a guilty plea; being charged and convicted of a crime can lead to jail or prison time, job loss, a criminal record, and immigration consequences, such as deportation. It is important to make the State work and prove that it has the evidence necessary to convict someone of a crime. You have rights; you need to make sure you are protecting those rights.

Call today for a free consultation and we will assess your case in order to figure out a strong defense. You have nothing to lose from a free consultation. Call Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins at (801) 475-0123 to speak with one of our criminal defense lawyers today.

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys | Felony Defense Lawyers

Arnold, Wadsworth & Coggins Attorneys | Felony Defense Lawyers


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