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DUI Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City Utah

As a Salt Lake City criminal lawyer, attorneys at Arnold & Wadsworth are trained on DUI law and procedure. The DUI attorneys at Arnold & Wadsworth work tirelessly to help you with your DUI charges in Utah.

Drawing on his contacts, relationships and experiences with law enforcement, judges and prosecutors throughout the criminal justice system and the Department of Motor Vehicles, Arnold & Wadsworth opened offices in Salt Lake City and Ogden Utah with one of their specialties being a DUI defense firm. Arnold & Wadsworth use those skills to aggressively defend their Salt Lake City DUI clients. Arnold & Wadsworth is known for working up their cases by conducting a thorough and independent investigation separate and apart from law enforcement. Arnold & Wadsworth leave no stone unturned when defending their clients, no matter if they are fighting a second, third or fourth DUI offense.

The DUI Lawyers at Arnold & Wadsworth believe in finding every possible defense against your DUI charges. Any aspect of your traffic stop, arrest, and breathalyzer test will be closely scrutinized for any challenges that can be made to evidence presented against you. Arnold & Wadsworth believes in working hard for their clients to avoid convictions and unwanted consequences from their DUI arrest.

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI offense in Salt Lake City  or any Utah area, contact the DUI lawyers at Arnold & Wadsworth. Arnold & Wadsworth understands you are likely very concerned about your situation and the seriousness of your offense. A DUL Lawyer from Arnold & Wadsworth will meet with you to determine how best to defend you and how to resolve your case without you going to jail. With his extensive knowledge of the law and the legal system, he is your best choice for your DUI defense throughout the Salt Lake City areas.


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